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Pierre Khalfa on the UN Conference in June 2009. Wayne Hall’s Comment

Thursday 18 June 2009, by Wayne Hall

Pierre Khalfa has written on the altermondialist movement and the upcoming UN conference on the financial crisis (see "Texts and Documents"). Below, a comment to Khalfa by Wayne Hall.

I agree with the assessment of Pierre Khalfa that altermondialiste movement is lacking in strategic autonomy and that its proposals for emergence from the crisis have the appearance of another variant on the regulationist school whose best known representative is Stiglitz.
In a way the campaign around the Treaty of Lisbon, which is likely now with the proposed new Irish referendum, contained more radical potential, though once again the altermondialiste movement was stronger with critique than with proposals that could make possible a leadership role.
Will it be possible for the Capodistrias-Spinelli-Europe initiative, which has emerged from collaboration between individuals in ATTAC-Finland and ATTAC-Hellas, along with others, to play a more central role in the new campaign around the European Constitution that is likely to start soon?
Here is the text of the Declaration, in six languages:
The Capodistrias-Spinelli-Europe initiative has the advantage of taking the European integration debate back to a period before the Bolshevik revolution, back to a period before the twentieth century and its paralyzing assumptions, to the post-Napoleonic era, with its wealth of parallels with the present post-Soviet era. Capodistrias’ great opponent was Metternich, and it is the Metternichs who are calling the shots today in Europe.
This weekend 20-21 June, a conference on the Capodistrias-Spinelli-Europe initiative is taking place on the island of Aigina in Greece. How much of the problematic of these speakers is integrable into the altermondialiste perspective? (Conference programme here.)
By the way, Vienna, (where the Euopean Social Forum meets to prepare the next ESF), the venue of the Congress of Vienna, is a Capodistrian city par excellence.