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Ghent 29th May 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010, by Wayne Hall

I am from the island of Aigina in Greece and l have distributed to you the message to this conference from Mr. Nektarios Koukoulis, who is 2003 became the first, and so far the only, elected politician in Europe (at that time he was a member of the Aigina Council) to have raised the issue of chemtrails and secured a decision to attempt legal action. That decision was later reversed, but the action of the Aigina Council has remained on the record. In 2005 it was mentioned in the book on chemtrails by the Austrian journalist Christian Haderer “Verschwoerung im Himmel”.

In Nektarios Koukoulis’ message to this conference you will see the observation that citizens now must take their fate and destiny into their own hands, bearing in mind that we are members of the European, and global, community. He also says - and I agree with this assessment - that his action in 2003 was historic in the context of the struggle against geoengineering in Europe, just as hopefully this first international conference on chemtrails that the Belfort Group has organized will also be historic in its implications. That is our hope.
The economic warfare against Europe that has been started in Greece, or perhaps was started in Iceland and has now been extended to Greece, has triggered a wave of Philhellenism, with many journalists and activists now saying “we are all Greeks”. We are living in a period of political reaction. The period following the collapse of the Soviet Union has many similarities with the period of reaction following the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. The French Revolution aroused in the late 18th and early 19th centuries the same hopes for a liberal and democratic Europe that were aroused, for many, in the 20th century by the Bolshevik Revolution. In our tour of the City Hall of Ghent yesterday we saw some vivid examples of what the defeat of Napoleon meant for the lives of some very prominent political figures in this city. The defeat of Napoleon had a number of contradictory consequences. One of the effects that it had was to unleash a wave of Philhellenism, including above all in Switzerland, that made possible the founding of today’s Greek state in 1828. Where was the modern Greek state founded? It was founded in Aigina, the island from which Nektarios Koukoulis sends his message.

Before talking a little about the story of resistance to chemtrails in Aigina, I’d like to make the point that the focus I now adopt is the opposite to the focus adopted by the main speakers here today. If the problem is not just the chemtrails but the political system, the symbiotic system of collusion between journalists, scientists and politicians that is making these terrible phenomena possible, then the problem is not just one of getting the message out but also one of finding out how this message can be made not just one of many different conflicting messages to which the public is exposed, but the message.
Apart from the mainstream corporate message there are the competing oppositional messages of the leftists and the ecologists, neither of whom, in the seven years that our group in Greece has been discussing chemtrails, has shown the slightest sign of becoming involved with the subject. This is a picture of the speakers at the first chemtrails meeting held in Aigina in July 2003.

The man you see on the right was the convenor of the meeting but because he is a member of the organized extra-parliamentary Left he soon found that his own political milieu was not responding to his concern about chemtrails, and he stopped being interested himself. On the other hand the Aigina Council, as we said before, did become interested. Here you can see the Council document notifying the Prefecture of Piraeus of the Council’s decision to appoint a lawyer to prepare a suit.

The local press also became interested (see below):

Of course it is not only in Aigina that attempts have been made in Greece to raise the issue of chemtrails. Four or five Greek parliamentarians from different parties, like a number of other parliamentarians in European Union countries, and in the European Parliament, have asked questions in Parliament about chemtrails. But the response they received has always been along the lines of the standard diversionary argument claiming that chemtrails are simply the condensation trails that have been familiar since the earliest days of jet-propelled travel, and the enquiry stopped there.

Seven years have passed now but really it hasn’t been until relatively recently that new conditions have arisen that for the first time opens up some prospects of a more effective strategy beginning to be possible. The new conditions are the emergence of NGOs such as the ETC Group and even more recently Hands Off Mother Earth, who are formulating a very strong critique of the recommendations for aerosol spraying and other geoengineering activity that are beginning to be put forward by both governmental representatives and corporate lobbyists.

The ETC group and Hands off Mother Earth both have what activist Jim Thomas describes as “an agnostic stance” on our claims that planetary aerosol spraying is not just a proposal or something that is happening on a small-scale experimental basis, but rather a well-entrenched global reality for much more than a decade at the very least. That is a significant difference between us and them and it is important that we handle it in the right way.

My position is that for a start we should declare unqualified support for Hands Off Mother Earth’s opposition to geoengineering, for their recent initiative in Nairobi calling for a global moratorium on all geoengineering activities. Not only should we declare unqualified support but we should ask that this unqualified support be recognized and our organizations named as supporters.

The orientation of Hands off Mother Earth has a very positive side to it which makes it possible for the first time for broad sections of the ecological movement to be won away from the sterile climate change debate between those postulating anthropogenic climate change on the one hand and the skeptics on the other, a debate which is really just a variant on the Democrat vs Republican divide-and-rule game.
To get into a position where we can ourselves be setting the terms for dialogue with semi-friendly groupings like ETC or Hands Off Mother Earth one must, for a start, succeed in attracting a larger membership and acquiring more visibility to offset the advantage they have from being less distant from the centres of political decision-making.
Our hope is that in the coming period in Greece we are going to be able to establish a pan-European network of free citizens so as to give a positive content to today’s Philhellenism and to give the slogan that we are hearing that we are all Greeks a content that can go beyond street violence and destruction.

You can keep in touch with our progress by linking to the website Enouranois that is mentioned with the message from Nektarios Koukoulis or by linking to the Belfort Group’s site because I am sure that anything we succeed in doing in Greece will be reported by our friends here also.

View online : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7290769

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