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Tuesday 5 January 2010


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What is your opinion about our appeal to civil society?
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Who are... ?
- Ioannis Capodistrias
- Altiero Spinelli

Introduction by Stratos Pantavos, president of Aigina Active Citizens' Assocation
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Excerpt from "Disarm and Live": Interview with Wayne Hall and Mikael Book on Capodistrias/Spinelli
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"From the Constitution of Altiero Spinelli to the Treaty of Lisbon"
extract from the speech by Ioannis Coccalas, deputy director of the European Parliament office in Athens, delivered at June 21st 2009 Capodistrias-Spinelli-Europe seminar in Aigina
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The Aigina Active Citizens' Assocation
Video about the initiative

Rhodes Ecofilm Festival

Altiero Spinelli and the European Constitution
Interview with Mikael Böök, Finland
Part 1 / Part 2

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